Lori Walrath

Operations Director

There’s a reason that the Ground Zero venue is well-stocked, clean, and manned with volunteers. That reason is Lori, who describes her job this way: “I handle anything that needs to be done inside or outside of the building.”

When she’s not disinfecting GZ surfaces or ordering supplies for Top Nosh, Lori relaxes in her backyard hammock with a good book or plays with her dog. It’s also a good thing she likes to cook and bake, since she stays busy caring for her hubby Jason and their combined five children. On Sundays, they head over to Beach Church for worship.

“I wish I had something like Ground Zero when I was growing up. It could have helped me make better choices,” says Lori. “I love everything we do here to reach these teenagers to help them and show them a better way to live.“