About the Speaker

Heather Flies has been the junior high pastor at Wooddale Church longer than her students have been alive! She began her ministry at Wooddale as the junior high associate in 1996 and joined the pastoral team two years later.

Outside the walls of Wooddale Church, Heather spends a great deal of time and energy as a communicator and has authored two books: I Want to Talk to My Teen About Girl Stuff (Standard Publishing) for parents and her book for teenagers, That’s What She Said/That’s What He Said (Summerside Press).

Heather is a graduate of Bethel University in St. Paul where she majored in communication. She received her Master of Divinity in theological studies from Bethel Seminary, also in St. Paul.

Heather loves football, tennis, the color orange and listening to Christmas music 11 months of the year. Heather and her husband, Chad, live in the Twin Cities with their two Saint Bernards, Jingle Belle and Hadley.