Student Leaders

Ground Zero thrives on teenagers' involvement in the ministry. iLEADERS are middle school and high school students using their gifts and passions to impact their peers, their campus, their community, and their world. Ground Zero is committed to raising up this generation of leaders with coaching, training, mentoring, and support.

Step 1

Please read our Statement of Faith and Biblical Positions to ensure you agree with what we believe regarding our faith and current social topics. If you don't agree with us, that's ok, we still love you and you are welcome to participate in everything Ground Zero offers. This is your place, even if we disagree! If you desire to become a Student Leader, we do require agreement to maintain a sense of unity among leaders as we represent Christ. None of us are perfect, but we do agree that God's Word is absolute Truth and that we use His Word to guide our lives as we strive to be more like Him, choosing to leave the influence of a world that does not match His plan for our lives. 

Statement of Faith

Biblical Positions

Step 2

Submit the below iLEADER Application

Step 3

Attend a GZ Leadership Orientation (with your parent or guardian) where you will...

  • Go over the GZ Purpose and Strategy
  • Go over important event logistics, venue and safety details.
  • Sign all leadership agreements.
  • Choose your leadership team.
  • Receive your volunteer T-shirt.
  • Q & A