Our Strategy

Ground Zero is a place where every teenager can go, belong and grow. Through life-changing experiences and nurturing relationships, we make a positive impact in the lives of today’s teenagers, cultivating their faith and transforming their futures. 

We do this through a three-part, integrated approach:


Through high-energy events and unforgettable experiences, we capture the attention of teenagers and introduce them to Christ.


This weekly interactive experience is at the core of what Ground Zero is all about — building relationships! GZi is a high-energy gathering where teens can hang with their friends, grab dinner in Top Nosh (for free!), get a coffee at the Ground Zero Coffee Shop, play video games and be entertained by a DJ or performer. During the experience, teens also hear from a speaker and engage in group discussion about a relevant topic or issue they face (think school, relationships, family, life and more!). GZi is the place to be each week, a place where teenagers can belong and grow in a supportive, fun environment.


iGroups give students the chance to go deeper in relationship as part of a consistent, dedicated small group that meets at GZi each week. iGroups are committed communities where teens can make friends, build safe relationships and navigate faith and life together. iGroups also have additional opportunities to bond and have fun together during organized group functions, social events and fun outings. For students who want to be more involved in Ground Zero, committing to an iGroup is the perfect first step!


Our signature Ground Zero events are high-energy entertainment experiences that teenagers won’t be able to stop talking about. We bring together nationally known bands, artists, performers, athletes and entertainers and create unforgettable environments where teenagers can have a fun, positive day or night out with friends. Open to the community, iEvents are perfect for youth groups or individuals looking for a hyped-up experience and world-class entertainment in the heart of Myrtle Beach.

iEvents include concerts and performances, along with curated Ground Zero experiences including:

  • Block Party: This entertainment experience takes place on the cordoned-off 900 block of Chester Street and includes live music, extreme sports like skateboarding and BMX biking, as well as national and local talent. 
  • Out All Night: This overnight chaperoned experience focused on fun takes teenagers from one activity to another, whether bowling and go carting, on charter buses across the Grand Strand.


We nurture and cultivate the faith of the teenagers we reach, deepening our relationship with them and their relationship with Christ.


iWeekend overnight getaways are weekend retreats that help teenagers strengthen their relationships with God and others in an unforgettable environment. iWeekends feature engaging teaching, high-energy activities and memorable faith-defining moments as students get away from daily life and go deeper in their faith. Open to all students involved in an IGroup, iWeekend takes community to a new level as group bonds are strengthened and students grow alongside each other in God


iGrow groups are short-term, topical Bible study groups that are held onsite at Ground Zero every four to six weeks. With each study focused on a specific topic, iGrow groups help students explore the issues that matter to them through a biblical lens. Groups are open to any student who wants to understand Scripture better and engage in positive discussion around challenging and relevant topics.


iWorship is a community worship experience featuring nationally known speakers and powerful worship, all centered on helping students grow in their faith. At iWorship events, we address a relevant topic while also presenting opportunities for teens to begin or grow their relationship with Christ. Students are welcome to arrive early to spend time with friends and grab a meal in Top Nosh or coffee at the Ground Zero Coffee Shop. Perfect for individuals and youth groups, iWorship will inspire students to go deeper in their relationship with Christ and others. 


iNight is an impactful experience focused solely on prayer. Through creative guided prayer and free-flowing worship, this event encourages teens from Ground Zero and youth groups in the community to unite in prayerful worship and experience God’s presence.


iConnect is a half-day or full-day immersive experience that offers just one more way for teenagers to connect more deeply to God. iConnect experiences are focused on a specific area of growth in faith, where teens dive deep into that topic alongside an engaging speaker and in peer discussion groups. 


Finally, we train teenagers to be leaders, create opportunities for them to serve and sending them out to make a difference. 


iLeaders provides structured opportunities for students to serve God and others by being part Ground Zero. Serving on one of the 12 leadership teams like production, coffee shop or Top Nosh, students are given real responsibilities and get to play a critical role in shaping the ministry. iLeaders learn practical and professional skills while taking ownership of a ministry and making a difference in the lives of others.


iArts showcases and nurtures creative talent within young people while creating opportunities for them to use their gifts to serve others. Through mentorship and creative ministry, we help students hone their gifts and channel them for a purpose while creating platforms for them to share those gifts with the world. iArts student teams use music, theater and other creative arts to minister to audiences both on the local stage and on tour.


iCampus equips students to start their own outreach and ministry groups in their middle or high schools. Working with a Ground Zero mentor, teens are given everything they need to lead a faith-based student organization, serving their school, leading on-campus devotionals and hosting school-wide events like See You At The Pole. As teens are sent out into their schools, they are empowered to change the culture of their campuses while connecting their friends back to Ground Zero for ongoing opportunities to grow in faith.


iMissions provides students with opportunities to serve others locally, nationally and internationally. Whether serving at a local soup kitchen or traveling to an orphanage in another country, iMissions outreach empowers teens to make a difference and sparks an interest in missions that will carry throughout adulthood.

In all we do, we change the lives of teenagers, so they can impact the world. Will you join us?