Matti-Jo Spivey

Leadership Director

Matti-Jo loves digging for bargains. If you like to browse at local thrift stores or yard sales, then you’ve probably seen her there looking for deals, too.

Her keen eye is one reason she was drawn to the role of Leadership Director at Ground Zero. Matti-Jo makes it her business to identify newcomers and make them feel welcome. She follows up with new students to help them get connected. And she checks in with regular students so they continue to grow in their relationships and grow in their faith.

So when Matti-Jo tells you she joined Ground Zero because she loves the beach and movie marathons, take those words with a grain of salt. The truth is this: “Ground Zero gives me the opportunity to meet students and share the love of Jesus with them,” says Matti-Jo. “I feel privileged to be able to equip them to be leaders for Christ.”