Candice Coffey


Candice and her husband Greg are raising two daughters. And Candice wants her girls to know that they will forever be God’s precious masterpieces –they’ll never be separated from Him.

That’s a big reason she founded the first-ever beauty brand to affirm a woman's God-given identity. As CEO of EverBe Cosmetics, she empowers gals to look in the mirror and reclaim who they are in God’s sight.

That passion spills out into her role as board secretary, where she offers support for “the people that work for GZ and have a heart to serve the community and youth of Myrtle Beach.”

You’ll find Candice and her family worshiping at The Gathering on Sundays. And when she’s not scribbling notes for the ministry or helping women find the ideal lip gloss, Candice likes to read or spend time with family and friends … or indulge in her hidden passion: playing with dogs.