Team Descriptions

Coffee Shop Team

Love coffee or love the feel of a coffee house? We’ll train you to prepare and serve hot and cold coffee drinks and smoothies to guests at the Ground Zero Coffee Shop during events.


First Impressions Team

If you’re friendly – or you like it when people put you at ease– you can take this opportunity to connect students and parents to Ground Zero. Your welcoming spirit puts newcomers at ease so they want to come back to GZ. Use your ability to work efficiently and courteously to welcome guests with excitement and energy.



Hospitality Team

This is a great way to serve those who serve by taking care of artists, presenters, and your fellow volunteers and providing for their needs during GZ events.



Host Team

Your welcoming attitude and willingness to talk with students make you an awesome addition to this team. We will help equip you with information you may need to connect students to more information and follow up. And you don’t need to be a neat freak – just willing to lend a hand to tidy up your area. This is a great opportunity to serve if you’re planning to be at events anyway.



iGroup Leaders

If you like teenagers, like hanging out, and are willing to be involved regularly with a small group, consider being a part of this team. We will train you, equip you, and nurture you as you build deeper relationships with students and walk with them as they grow in faith.



Production Team

Use your brawn, brains, AND creativity on this team to design lighting, sets, props, and visuals – and work backstage, onstage, and in the production booth to help produce GZ events.



Safety Team

Are you safety-conscious? Can you conduct yourself with a respectful attitude towards others?  Use your skills to keep our guests, volunteers, students, and staff safe. During larger events, you’ll direct hired security professionals.



Stage Left Team

Fun-loving? Encouraging? Like T-shirts and other cool merchandise? Use your enthusiasm to help build excitement among teenagers at Ground Zero. We’ll train you to handle merchandise, greet new students and keep track of incentives, giveaways and event sign-ups.



Top Nosh Team

If you love to serve others, this opportunity is right up your alley. We’ll train you to prepare and serve menu items to guests at Top Nosh during events.




Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for serving!