Trent Hardee


Trent’s family has nicknamed him “Sheldon,” after the fictional character in television sitcom The Big Bang Theory, because he collects useless information about random topics. But Trent collects plenty useful information about buying automobiles and insurance – information he gladly shares with customers as owner of Hardee Insurance Group and Hardee Auto Sales. “I want to help people find the best value on their auto purchases and insurance,” says Trent. “I figure if they save money, they can tithe and give more generously.”

Trent’s twelve years as a youth pastor explain his passion for Ground Zero’s ministry to teenagers. “I want to see GZ help youth pastors have a stronger impact on kids,” he says. “And help perpetuate leadership in the next generation.”

Trent and his wife Amanda have three young adult children. On Sundays you’ll find them worshipping at The Rock Church (Aynor campus).