Emily Fitchpatrick

Partnership Coordinator

If you read a story about a student who was impacted at GZ or see announcements about upcoming GZ events, you’re seeing what Emily does all day. She keeps our partners informed about all the amazing things that are happening at GZ. “I love GZ’s mission and the programs it offers to teenagers,” says Emily. “Plus, the venue provides ways to offer diverse ministry for life changing events.”

Emily knows what it’s like to start and run a nonprofit organization. She did just that in 2007 with a nonprofit that opened the first residential care home for sex-trafficked teenage girls in the U.S. That experience motivated Emily to help other kingdom organizations. So she founded consulting firm Flagship to help ministries to build capacity.

When she’s not creating content for GZ and other ministries or coaching nonprofit leaders, Emily enjoys gardening and reading in and around her western North Carolina home. She and her husband Josh have two teenage children. They worship at Biltmore Baptist Church in Asheville.