Middle & High School Students

Wednesday, October 19

6:30 – 8:30


He was there before anything was made, and all things continue because of him.



Science and faith don’t always seem like they can coexist. And what should you do when you feel the tension between the two? Do you have to choose between using your brain or building your faith? In this series, we’ll discover how to seek answers for the things we wonder about while continuing to be filled with wonder about a God who goes beyond our understanding. Figuring out how to love God with all of your mind doesn’t have to be a mystery anymore. In fact, we’ll learn that embracing your intellect by exploring science might just be one of the best ways to expand your faith.



Build your faith on what matters most.


GZi is a weekly experience where teenagers can hang out with their friends, grab dinner in Top Nosh, enjoy a coffee drink from the Coffee Shop, interact with a live DJ, play games, and, if interested, hear from a dynamic communicator and participate in small groups (iGroups) about a relevant topic or issue they face. GZi is the place to be each week, a place where every teenager can Go, Belong and Grow in a supportive, fun environment. 

iGROUPS give teenagers the chance to go deeper in relationship as part of a consistent, dedicated group that meets at GZi each week. iGroups are committed communities where teenagers can make friends, build safe relationships and navigate faith and life together.