Monday, May 3

iGrow is open to all middle and high school students who sign up. 

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6:30 – 8:00

This Week: The Prophets

So many teenagers simply don’t have a grasp of the narrative of the Bible. Key characters. Key events. Few teenagers understand how these elements fit into the story of God and His people. The Thread aims to change this. Not only will you learn the story of the Bible, but you will see that it is a story of unfailing love, as God seeks from the beginning of Creation to draw humankind to Him through the grace of the Gospel. The Thread will teach you God’s story. And it will teach you how God wove His thread of love through every page of it.


iGrow is a weekly immersive experience that gives teenagers a way to connect more deeply to God. To be part of iGrow, students sign a covenant and commit to each other, their own personal growth and the group. iGrow is open to any student who wants to understand Scripture better and discover what God’s Word has to say about their lives. iGrow members also have additional opportunities to bond and have fun together during organized group functions, social events and fun outings.