Tuesday, March 24: The Call

Tuesday, March 31: Insecurity

Tuesday, April 7: Expectation

Tuesday, April 14: Doubt

Tuesday, April 21: Rejection

Tuesday, April 28: Self Worth

Tuesday, May 5: Unknown

Tuesday, May 12: Fearless

Ground Zero Coffee Shop

6:00 - 7:30

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What do you fear? What is it that keeps your from being all the God has called you to be?

Is it insecurity? Do you doubt yourself? Do you fear rejection? Maybe you don’t feel like you matter very much. Or maybe you’re living under the weight of unrealistic expectations.

Whatever it is that you fear, whatever it is that holds you down or keeps you back, you need to know this: there is a better way. God has called you to face your fears and lean-in to who He desires you to be. If you’re ready, this book is a great place to start.

Facing Your Fears is all about allowing the Lord to reveal where fear has taken hold of your life and putting an end to these strongholds.

If you’re tired of your fear keeping you on the sidelines of what God wants to do through you, let Facing Your Fears lead you to a place where you’re able to actively engage in God’s calling on your life. 

iGrow groups are short-term, topical Bible study groups that are held onsite at Ground Zero every four to six weeks. With each study focused on a specific topic, iGrow groups help students explore the issues that matter to them through a biblical lens. Groups are open to any student who wants to understand Scripture better and engage in positive discussion around challenging and relevant topics.