Monday, February 27


A conversation about boundaries can be subjective. In other words, you will have a different need to put a different boundary in place. Although we’re talking broadly about boundaries, we’ll encourage you to think specifically about what boundaries look like for you. Consent will play an important role pertaining to boundaries! No matter what boundaries you may need to set for yourself when it comes to sex and relationships, mutual consent is part of that. If your consent was violated and your boundaries were crossed we want you to know that we are here to support, love, and get you the help you need going forward.

iGrow is a weekly experience that gives teenagers a way to connect more deeply to God. To be a part of iGrow, students sign a covenant and commit to each other, their own personal growth and the group. iGrow is open to any student who wants to discover what God’s Word has to say about their lives. iGrow students also have additional opportunities to bond and have fun together during organized outings.