Monday, February 13


At iGrow this week we’ll focus on technology and pornography. Statistics show that at this phase of life, most students have been exposed to some form of pornography. We’ll process and share without shame or blame. If you’re curious about it, your curiosity in and of itself isn’t wrong. If you’re struggling with a pornography habit, we’ll be the support that helps you change the path you’re on. Yes it’s important to know the negative realities of pornography, but more so we’ll point you toward a better way—a way that runs toward sexual integrity, something it’s never too late to choose!

iGrow is a weekly experience that gives teenagers a way to connect more deeply to God. To be a part of iGrow, students sign a covenant and commit to each other, their own personal growth and the group. iGrow is open to any student who wants to discover what God’s Word has to say about their lives. iGrow students also have additional opportunities to bond and have fun together during organized outings.