Monday, January 2


If God, Why Evil?
Why does a good God let bad things happen to good people? Why doesn’t God stop all pain and suffering? These are good questions that are frequently asked,
but the problem is that they are very difficult to answer. During this night we’ll walk through several explanations to help you see that not only can evil and God
coexist, but that evil is actually evidence for God.

This year during iGrow we will be taking a journey through the New Testament. This journey will help you learn what the Gospel is and how it literally courses through the narrative of Scripture. You’ll get a grasp of the narrative of the Bible, key characters, key events and how these elements fit into the story of God and His people. Not only will you learn the story of the Bible, but you will see that it is a story of unfailing love.

iGrow is a weekly experience that gives teenagers a way to connect more deeply to God. To be a part of iGrow, students sign a covenant and commit to each other, their own personal growth and the group. iGrow is open to any student who wants to discover what God’s Word has to say about their lives. iGrow students also have additional opportunities to bond and have fun together during organized outings.