Wednesday, February 17

Middle & High School Students

6:30 – 8:30

When it comes to things like sex and dating, you probably think you know the whole story. But somewhere in the messages you’re getting from your friends, your family, the media you consume, and even at church, the real story on sex and dating has gotten lost. In this series, we’ll help you see that there’s so much more to the story than you even realize. And in fact, when it comes to sex and dating, God wants more for your story than you know!

THIS WEEK’S BOTTOM LINE:   Porn never tells the whole story.



This weekly interactive experience is at the core of what Ground Zero is all about — building relationships! GZi is a high-energy gathering where teens can hang with their friends, grab dinner in Top Nosh (for free!), get a coffee at the Ground Zero Coffee Shop, play video games and be entertained by a DJ or performer. During the experience, teens also hear from a speaker and engage in group discussion about a relevant topic or issue they face (think school, relationships, family, life and more!). GZi is the place to be each week, a place where teenagers can go, belong and grow in a supportive, fun environment.