Coffee Shop

Ground Zero Coffee Shop

The Ground Zero coffee shop is currently only open for special events.

Ground Zero has partnered with Crimson Cup in Columbus, Ohio to make our coffee shop a reality. Crimson Cup dubs themselves as “true coffee geeks, obsessed with bringing the best coffee in the world home to you.” We hope that you will feel at home with us in the Ground Zero Coffee Shop and enjoy one of the best cups of coffee on the Grand Strand.

About Crimson Cup & Their Coffee

Crimson Cup roasts only the top 5% of coffees grown in the world and they’ve developed a distinctive and tasty coffee, Armando’s Blend®, that consumers love worldwide.

In addition, the coffee brewing equipment plays a vital role to ensure the delivery of awesome coffee or tea drinks. Since 1991, they’ve been testing state-of-the-art espresso machines and coffee brewers to determine which equipment guarantees longevity and produces the perfect coffee drink every time. Not only does Crimson Cup have the highest quality coffee house products but they also teach others how to be successful in the specialty coffee business.

The Seven Steps to Success is a book written by Greg Ubert, the Founder and President of Crimson Cup, which illustrates the fundamental philosophy for success in the coffee shop business. Crimson Cup has helped entrepreneurs open coffee houses since 1991 and knows what it takes to succeed. They know what works and what to avoid. Great coffee is a “must have” when opening a coffee shop. We will offer a full line of coffee house products including: fruit smoothies, syrups, sauces, iced and hot teas and frozen drink bases.