Meet Da'maiyah!

She's currently a senior in high school and one of our awesome student leaders! 

Before you read the encouraging update from Da'maiyah, check out part 1 of the story here. 

Da’maiyah shared that her life has changed a lot in the past several months!


“Since moving in with Rick and Bobbie a lot has changed for me. It’s made a difference to have a supportive family environment. I have been growing in my faith a lot. My mom and dad are not believers, so living in a Christian home has been encouraging. My hope for this year, my senior year, is to enjoy the year and hopefully be able to go on my senior trips. I’m in show choir and we are supposed to go to a competition in Orlando unless it gets cancelled because of covid. I am also enjoying my leadership role at Ground Zero. My job as a student leader involves welcoming new students (and we’ve been getting more and more new students lately); telling them what they can expect, such as a place to be yourself and not be judged; a place to be with compassionate people; a place where people won’t just listen to your problems and say I’ll pray for you, but they pray and act…they make sure you are ok. I also help out with Top Nosh (the café). Another big change is that I have made the decision to enlist in the Army! I am nervous and excited at the same time. I will be meeting with my recruiter again this week. So, yea…A LOT is happening!”


Please keep Rick, Bobbie, Da’maiyah (and her siblings/mom and dad) in your prayers. We know God is working in many ways on behalf of this family and extended family!