Today’s teenagers are bombarded with negative messages and complex situations to navigate. From pressure to get into a good college to relationships, identity and belonging, the decisions a teenager makes during these formative years will determine who he or she becomes as an adult. 

Sadly, during this most vulnerable time of life, many teens are rejecting faith or walking away from their faith. Statistics show that 88% of teens are not being reached by the church and 70% of teens currently in church will leave by the end of high school. 

Teenagers need a safe place to navigate life, build healthy relationships and meet positive, caring mentors who will offer them wisdom and encouragement while treating them as the adults they are becoming. They need a sense of purpose and encouragement to become who they’re meant to be.  And most importantly, they need a relationship with Jesus Christ, the source of all identity, direction and hope. 

Envision with us a massive movement of teenagers coming to Christ, living for Him and impacting their world! To date, GZ has shared the Gospel with more than 250,000 teenagers…and we are just getting started!!

We believe and boldly proclaim the next decade of ministry will be the most fruitful we’ve ever experienced.

“See The Vision, Join The Journey Campaign” launches this Summer!

More details coming soon!