Students all have one thing in common: They want to be seen, known, and valued for who they are. They don’t want fake relationships... they want personal ones! At GZi, the students are going through at series called "It's Personal". They are looking at Jesus and His interactions with Zacchaeus. They are learning five ways Jesus made it personal and what that means for our lives. Please pray the students learn how to make their own relationship with Him personal. 

What's GZi? 

GZi, a weekly interactive experience, is at the core of what Ground Zero is all about — building relationships! GZi is a high-energy gathering where teens can hang with their friends, grab dinner in Top Nosh (for free!), get a coffee at the Ground Zero Coffee Shop, play video games and be entertained by a DJ or performer. During the experience, teens also hear from a speaker and engage in group discussion about a relevant topic or issue they face (think school, relationships, family, life and more!).

Why GZi? 

Over 90% of the students we serve at GZi are unchurched and unreached. GZi is a place where teenagers can go, belong and grow in a supportive, fun environment. They learn to build trusting relationships with caring adults and each other. 

Support GZi

Would you consider becoming a monthly financial partner to support GZi? Our cost to serve one student through GZi is approx. $60 per month. We are seeking 100 new monthly partners, giving $25 or more per month, to transform the lives of teenagers for eternity! 

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“I wish every community had a Ground Zero. If it did, America would not be in the moral disaster it is in.”

- Josh McDowell, Christian Apologist, Evangelist, and Writer