Campus ministries are back! We re-launched at Myrtle Beach High School with help from Matti-Jo, our newest staff member who joined in October 2022 as Leadership Director.  

Matti-Jo and staff kicked off the outreach by providing a Teacher Appreciation Event with a breakfast and time of encouragement. Shortly after, we held our first gathering at Myrtle Beach High School, welcoming 59 students!

We played 9 Square, provided pizza from Mellow Mushroom, and shared ways students can get connected with Ground Zero. Plans are underway for a monthly gathering with fun, food, and devotions with staff and partnering youth pastors in the area. This outreach allows us to build relationships with students and invite them to be part of our Wednesday night GZi experience.

In other news, Bryan Drake, a Christian Illusionist, recently visited Ground Zero. The day started with a school assembly at Myrtle Beach Middle. During his exciting show, Bryan shared a powerful message about the importance of choices and how decisions impact ourselves and others.

A few of the students participated in the show. They were engaged and inspired. Later that night Bryan joined us at Ground Zero. He used his platform to show students the difference between what is real in this world, the hope of Jesus, vs. the illusions that Satan uses to trick and destroy.

Over 140 students attended and 29 students made professions of faith in Jesus Christ as a result!  

Check out the spotlight video posted above.

Thank you for making this life changing ministry possible with your prayers and support! We are praying for you.


Scott Payseur, President and Founder