Volunteering With Ground Zero

Volunteers are crucial to Ground Zero’s successful ministry to teenagers!

Volunteers are not simply people that provide logistical support. Rather, serving with Ground Zero as a volunteer is a true ministry. Volunteers embrace Ground Zero’s relational approach to reaching teenagers, always seeking to build relationships with teenagers and minister to them at the venue, at events and by living out a sincere, authentic lifestyle.

About Ground Zero Volunteers

  • Volunteer opportunities at Ground Zero are ongoing. You can apply at any time.

  • Volunteers must be age 14 or older.

  • Volunteers are not required to pay a fee to serve.

  • Volunteer teams and team descriptions are listed on the Ground Zero website.

  • Volunteer teams have a limited number of positions. When those positions are filled, you can be placed on that team’s reserve list and invited to serve with another team until your preferred position opens.

Volunteer Expectations

  • T-shirts

    Volunteers are asked to purchase a Ground Zero shirt from the GZ Merchandise Store and wear it when serving at the venue or during an event. (Scholarships are available.)

  • Background Check

    After becoming a Ground Zero Volunteer, volunteers are asked to pay the fee for a background check. (Scholarships are available.)

  • Team Training

    Volunteers commit to attend team trainings as designated for that work area.

  • Responsibility

    When serving, volunteers are expected to arrive on time, check in, secure their belongings in volunteer lockers, and work in their designated area.

  • Physicality

    Most positions are centered around events where standing for long periods of time or lifting heavy supplies will be required.


  • Review Ground Zero’s Statement of Faith
  • Review Volunteer Team descriptions to determine your service preferences.
  • Complete a Volunteer Application Form
  • Attend an interview as scheduled by Ground Zero staff. (Parents/guardians must attend with student volunteer applicants.)
  • Review and sign the Volunteer Agreement and Volunteer Covenant.
  • Register and undergo Ground Zero’s designated background check. Please note: guest safety is our utmost concern. Even if you have had a background check elsewhere, you must complete a Ground Zero background check annually.
  • Begin attending monthly Ground Zero volunteer training and periodic volunteer training for your specific work area.
  • Begin volunteering and have fun!